Nothing really matters till January and February

Offense needs to be traditional run first, second, and possibly third down. No more than 25 pass attempts per game (Mike and Kellen need to sit Dak down and make sure he will not audible into so many pass plays). Dak needs to stay under center for basically every single snap. Spread formation should be taboo. Two tight ends the bulk of the plays. The offense runs more efficiently-and the defense seems to play better. It gives the team a more repeatable identity and reduces the number of turnover inducing plays.

Defense needs much better play recognition and defensive tackle/middle linebacker play to limit the opposing run game (the idea being mentioned about utilizing 3-4 alignment might work if Hankins can play traditional nose tackle and with much better linebacker play-that’s a big ask). Micah looks injured and needs to rest till possible playoff games.

I did not mind the team going for it on fourth down in overtime because of the length of the field goal and the way the ball was carrying to that side of the field. I did mind going for it on your own side of the 50 with the game perfectly in reach (funny enough those resulted in eventual touchdowns but were severely risky).

I don’t fret too much about the regular season because it is filled with fluff and pomp. The regular season is just a prelude to real contenders and pretenders that play in the real season that begins in January. If the Cowboys cannot make it to the NFCCG this postseason, the front office should look to unload every player over 26 that has any value and look to get out of every single contract for those players ASAP starting with the QB.

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