Sometimes the Guy Calling Plays Gets in the Way

How many times over the last decade + have we seen the various offensive coordinators struggle to move the offense, but then when Romo or Dak went to the hurry up, calling their own plays, suddenly both QBs were more successful and the offense scores?

Often, under Garrett and Linehan, we would say maybe Romo should just stay in the hurry up and call his own plays all game? I see much of the same thing from Dak, even in the first half during the hurry up.

Obviously, no one is going to the hurry up with the QB calling his own plays, but think about it. Romo knew what plays he was most comfortable with during the game vs whatever the defense was doing at the time. Dak seems to have great success the same way, calling and even changing calls at times to his plays.

My only point is this. Forget that Romo often frustrated the heck out of us in big games or with turnovers. Forget that Dak did not play well consistently yesterday. Maybe when you have a genius play designer, that guy falls in love with his play designs (we often hear announcers call them great designs) but forgets what his QB and receivers do best.

Can you imagine Norv Turner falling so in love with his X’s and O’s that in big situations or third downs, he tries to outwit the defensive coordinator instead of letting Aikman and Irvin go to the short slant or quick out?

Maybe we don’t need a boy genius.

Maybe we need an experienced run game coordinator who can design our run game to fit our OL and RBs and a play-caller who also takes into consideration what our receivers and QB do best. Maybe if we want more consistency on offense, just maybe it’s not all about just the X’s and O’s.

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