Rams are not a good matchup for Dallas

We know McVay will run the ball down our throats if we allow it; it happened recently.

We know they have a very special group of receivers and a QB who can get hot if no pressure.

But I think the story will be their defense. Another 3-4 defense….ugh.

Rams starting outside CBs each allow just 50% completions, and while they don’t pick off many passes, they cover tightly and don’t allow much separation. Their DL is stout and keep their MLB free at the second level, and he is a solid tackler, averaging 10 per game through the first 6 games. That DL with Donald runs lots of stunts which we have struggled with so far, and they slant all directions as well.

Unless Mike has figured out how to get the offense clicking and avoids 3rd and longs repeatedly, this will be a low scoring affair. Stats indicate that our OL is better at run blocking than pass protection and has failed to find continuity in passing off defenders. The OL has to get going. Mike has to call a great game and get Lamb and Cooks against their nickel corner. Dak has to hit any big plays that present themselves. Offense, defense, and special teams need to avoid drive ending or drive extending penalties.

If the pass rush isn’t hitting Stafford regularly, Kupp, Nacua, and Atwell, along with TE Higbee will have us playing from behind. But first we have to stuff RB Henderson. I don’t like this matchup based on what I’ve seen so far. I hope the defense and offense have the answers.

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