My Key to the Game Today

Yes, there are many keys to the defense, offense, and Special teams success, but I’m focused on one thing for the offense.

Can Tyler Smith, Tyler Biadasz, and Zack Martin control the interior of the Eagles‘ DL, specifically, can they contain Jalen Carter?

Carter is number 6 in total pressures, but number 1 in pressures per play because he’s played almost a third as many plays as the 5 DTs ahead of him. We know Philly plays their DEs in a wide 9 alignment. This means the tight off tackle run can be successful, but it’s hard to get outside; it also means their DEs rush hard and wide outside. If our inside guys, especially Smith and Martin, can keep the inside clean, it bodes well to get something in the run game, and it allows Dak to climb the pocket and give the receivers time.

If we allow Carter and his cohorts inside to penetrate and bring pressure inside, it will blow up our run game and force Dak outside into the waiting arms of their DEs.

Philly’s run game, a lack of pass rush, breakdowns in coverage, and offensive turnovers can all undermine any team, but assuming our guys are ready to play and we don’t get out-coached, our two best OLmen vs Philly’s DTs is my key to the game.

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