Some guys need to rest next week regardless of the Eagles’ status

This team is getting banged up in a hurry.

If I were making decisions, I’d sit the vast majority of the starters next Sunday. Will McCarthy? Who knows.

One thing I do know is that a certain number of guys should rest, regardless of where we stand with winning the division, etc.

  • Micah Parsons – he should have been resting tonight considering the litany of nicks he’s dealing with, and now the hand injury. Two weeks of rest may do him a lot of good.
  • Dak – he nearly got injured a couple different times tonight. He must be healthy come playoff time, and his body could use two weeks of rest.
  • Zeke – he’s looking very worn down also. Looked like he was running in molasses tonight
  • Pollard – zero reason for him to play with an obviously sore quad
  • Demarcus Lawrence – he’s been playing through injury and needs the rest

More could probably be added to that list (Zack Martin, Sam Williams, Hooker and Kearse), but at the risk of being rusty in the wild card round, those handful of guys should definitely sit next week.

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