I like this version of Dak

Now I know its controversial anytime he’s brought up. Also I’m still not convinced he’s going to be able to lead this team to four consecutive playoff wins. That being said I like what he’s been doing lately.

1. He’s being way more decisive with the ball. He’s getting the ball out of his hands. Letting it fly at times. Trusting his playmakers.

2. He’s using his legs. If his top two reads aren’t there he’s running to make plays… and I think its great. Thats the dak we saw pre ankle injury.

3. He’s being aggressive. When he used to check the ball down on 3rd and 8 it was mind boggling. Two weeks in a row now on 3rd and 15 or more, he’s thrown the ball deep and it worked out! I can’t recall him doing this in the past as much.

Sure his aggressiveness has led to more picks. But I can live with it cause its leading to points. He’s not letting the negative plays bother him. He’s not turning back into "checkdown dak". What does it mean? I don’t know. But right now I kinda like how he’s playing football.

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