The Cowboys Bring Me No Joy Anymore

I know this is going to get a lot of “well, just stop watching them” replies, but hear me out.

I’ve been a fan since I was 5, and haven’t missed a game in 15+ years. But the Cowboys just don’t bring me any joy anymore. I feel like they’re a redundant cycle of disappointment and I don’t see any evidence on the field that they’re going to change any time soon.

I vividly remember watching a game in 2002 against the Carolina Panthers. This was during the Quincy Carter years, and the offense was anemic. Well, they were down 13-0 until late in the game. They got super lucky and scored off a tipped pass, and Joey Galloway made it 13-7. Then, with a minute remaining, Carter found Antonio Bryant for the acrobatic, game winning score. After that touchdown, my 16 year old self went absolutely ballistic. I vividly remember running down my hallway, screaming about how miraculous that game was and I couldn’t wait to discuss it with my friends at school the next day.

That 2002 team finished 5-11, but I loved watching every second of every game.

Maybe I’m just jaded and overly cynical, but the Dallas Cowboys just don’t move me anymore. The regular season wins just don’t matter to me like they used to. The lack of playoff success has diminished my overall joy and excitement toward this team.

No matter what happens, I know that this team isn’t going to win when it matters. The last 27 years have conditioned me to that reality. And that sucks the joy out of it for me.

How do I find appreciation for the fun games again? How do I find the optimism? Am I alone in feeling this way?

This is just a thought-dump from a frustrated and worn out fan. Take it for what it is.

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