How much work do the Jones’ really put in?

We all hear Jerry and Stephen tell us they’re 100% dedicated to fielding a winner and they’re continuously searching for ways to improve. 24/7/365, according to Stephen.

But I want to know: how much work do you guys think Jerry and Stephen truly put in, in regards to direct management of the Cowboys roster? No, promotional work and media interviews don’t count.

The Jones family has ultimate job security. From top to bottom, they all know they’ll have, and keep, their job in the family business. And I think we all know what happens to people when they start feeling content and comfortable in their profession.. they get complacent and lazy.

That’s exactly what I think goes on in Dallas.

Despite 27 years of continuous mediocrity, the Cowboys have become the most recognizable and valuable franchise in all of sports. Jerry and Stephen know that and also know that diligence in regards to roster improvement really isn’t even required. No matter how good/bad the team is, millions of fans lap up what the Jones’ give them, and advertisers line up to be associated with the team.

Jerry sure loves to be around when there’s an opportunity to speak to a camera, and Stephen makes sure to be present during owners meetings and other draft & media related endeavors, but on a daily basis, I bet they're MIA. They rely on Will McClay and other REAL football minds to explore the market, and Jerry and Stephen just wait around for the press release so they can take the credit.

How much time, say, in a week, do the Jones’ work? If you ask me, very very little. Probably a few hours per week.

And we wonder why we aren’t good. We have a part-time GM who’s more concerned about revenue and ratings.

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