Nothing is going to change here

Nothing is going to change in Dallas. The Cowboys may arbitrarily have a good season here and there, but the future (20+ years) as a whole is very bleak.


The Jones family.

This once-revered franchise has become a family business that is solely driven by revenue and ratings. Jerry has nearly every family member on the Cowboys’ payroll. They’re a bunch of entitled, silver-spoon-fed individuals who haven’t the slightest clue of how to put together quality football teams. Success is secondary to nepotism and profit and brand recognition. Jerry all but said as such just this last week.

Record number of people show up to training camp, games, and buy ungodly amounts of apparel… all to support a mediocre franchise that hasn’t done anything in a quarter century.

Jerry is going to give the Cowboys to Stephen and then Stephen is going to pass it to one of his entitled, bratty children who have even less of a clue. It’s going to be a perpetual cycle of the same garbage we’ve seen for the last 25 years.

I used to hope that the Cowboys could luck their way to a championship DESPITE the Jones family. At this point, that hope is all but lost.

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