Another look at the Lamb INT from Dak’s POV

You guys just don’t give up. Click on the picture to blow it up and LOOK AT IT. Where are the defenders before Dak has even thrown the ball, particularly the outside safety on cover 3. This Dak-zealot is trying to defend him, but is completely oblivious, like the QB, to what is happening on the field.

It’s the first read and as Warner points out, even the OUTSIDE safety on the cover 3 has leaked inside, while Dak still hasn’t thrown it. He’s watching Dak stare Lamb down. The INSIDE safety is well positioned for the INT already and the LB is underneath, meaning Dak still has to throw it OVER the LB. At which point is this even a good throw?

Now there is what is called DEFENDERS as well as other WRs on the play, but many times, Dak doesn’t seem to realize this. There are three defenders inside, the two safeties keyed in to exactly where Dak is going to throw it. There are two outside WRs that Dak also has the option to throw too.

By this time, as the all-22 shows with Kurt Warner pointing it out, the outside WR has the go route without the deep safety already best.

It is one of the major flaws I’ve been saying over and over and over again. It’s called PROGRESSIONS. Dak stares down WRs and is an early read QB who has zero situational awareness. Lamb could be doing backflips for all we care, Dak had ZERO business throwing it. He was going there from the very beginning no matter what. The issue of Lamb in reality is SECONDARY, because the LB did his job of disrupting timing and taking inside leverage. The issue is NOT miscommunication of Lamb, the issue is Dak has no business throwing it based on what the defense was showing.

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