You are the GM. If you replace Dak next year, who is the improvement?

So suppose for a second Big Mac went ‘LA Rams’ on Dak and shocked the world by trading his franchise QB because he knew the person he was getting was far better? And remember, the goal is next year to win it all.

Are there any Staffords left? Borderline elite QBs with cap friendly contracts? All quarterbacks signed after Dak are going to seriously hurt any team that trade them away no matter what we offered them. Teams don’t just give away franchise quarterbacks.

Biggest name free agent is probably Lamar Jackson? Would you give him the giant contract the Ravens won’t…. And can the team even afford it?

Cooper’s days are at an end if this is how our defense plays now. Frustrating that last year at the halfway point the NFL figured out our top 3 offense, this year it’s the top 3 defense.

You can spend a top draft pick but now you’re going to have to wait for development. Better make sure there is another solid running back too, because Zeke won’t be around with that salary.

And if you’re feeling like a gambler, are you going to see if you’re the next team to find a Geno Smith? Who is that next guy who rises from the bench into stardom?

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