Rewatched the game with Filthy: The Good,the Bad, and the Ugly!

The Good:

1. This team showed no quit! They were getting their butt kicked, but kept on playing. When we made it 17-20, Philly’s D had lost all their swagger. If our O could have gotten the ball right back, I think it would have been a different game. Good sign for the future!

2. In the 2nd half we were able to run the ball right up the middle against a very good D front. Good sign for the future!

3. Our young TE’s played very well. Future looks bright at TE, even without Shultz.

4. Goldston made some plays. One of the few DL able to get off blocks quickly and make a couple plays.

5. Overall our O line played very well vs a very good DL.

6. Zek looked good!! So did Pollard, as usual.

The Bad:

1. LVE has poor instincts and has a very hard time getting off blocks. He reacts after the play starts, almost never anticipates the play.( See Sean Lee)

2. Bohannon can’t get off blocks either. Many of our DL had a hard time getting off blocks.

3. Not impressed by Gallop. He doesn’t seem fluid at all. Philly’s DB’s we’re constantly right on him. Philly’s DB’s are very talented though.

4. I like Quinn a lot, but I think we should have run blitzed to try and slow down their run game. They ran it down our throats when we made it 17-20. We had no answer for their run game!

The Ugly:

1. Fowler gave them 4 points. Jimmy would have cut him. This was inexcusable!!! So dumb!

2. McCarthy should have challenged the Lamb stretch for a 1st down. Dumb!!

3. On both of Brown’s TD catches our DB’s got picked. Lewis was 15 yards from the ball on one. He was sleep walking thru that TD.

4. Way to many idiotic penalties. Joseph had 2!!

5. Philly’s HC!!

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