Is this almost a must-win game tomorrow?

The Eagles are undefeated and off this week The Giants play the lowly jaguars and it looks to me like we really need to win this game.

This is one of those games where nobody really has to be a hero but we can't have anybody making a ton of mistakes and being the goat either.

Detroit has a good offense and we need to keep them off the field which in my mind means stick to the running game.

With Dak coming back off injury there is no need to try and be the hero just don't turn the ball over Don't be hesitant and make good decisions.

As far as the rest of the team goes they just need to do their job Don't turn the ball over catch it when it's in your hands and for heaven's sake stop with the stupid penalties

If I see one more unsportsman like conduct or block in the back I think I'm taking a sabbatical from watching these games.

These penalties are absolutely game-altering and must be cleaned up or there will be no postseason let alone getting further in the postseason. Thoughts?

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