Which Franchise Has the Best All Time Winning Percentage?

That would be the Green Bay Packers…….today.


Two more Packer losses combined with two more Cowboys victories and the Dallas Cowboys retake the lead they once held before the 2010 season.

Currently, the Packers have won 57.3% of all their regular season games and the Cowboys have won 57.2%

Ironically, the Cowboys lost the lead during that unfortunate 2010 season after game #8…..against the Packers. So, not only did Wade Phillips get fired after that game, but the Dallas Cowboys were no longer the winningest team in the NFL.

You might think…..so what?

I think it's relevant because I deal with people all over the country. When it comes to discussing fandom and the NFL, believe me, there is such a thing as bragging rights. Patriot fans, Steeles fans, Packer fans, Giant fans, you name it. They all have their explanation as to why their team is the best in history.

You might think Patriot fans have the upper hand, they have won the most Super Bowls.. Packer fans say wait just a minute, championships didn't start with Super Bowls, they used to be called NFL championships and the Super Bowl is the current version of that game. The Packers have won 13 NFL championships.

The Steelers say, wait a minute, those older championships had far less competition, there were sometimes as little as 8 teams in the league. They shouldn't be weighted in the same way as winning a championship with 26 to 32 teams in the league. The Steelers are tied with the Patriots for most Super Bowls won at 6. However, they did so in two different time periods, the 70's and the 2000's.

Prior to the the 90's there were larger gaps on winning percentages between the teams. However, free agency and salary caps have created the parity they wanted and teams are now much closer in talent.

The Cowboy winning percentage after 1983 was .64.26%.

The team with the worse record is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who have won 40.3% of their games.

A few teams over the past 25 years have risen to 1st place. For a while it was the Bears, Dolphins and then Raiders. However, the team that held 1st place the longest were the Cleveland Browns. They had built such a strong lead from their first 25 years that it took another few decades of mediocrity to lose 1st place,

Anyway, I just thought it was worth noting. Some of you will agree, some will disagree. That's cool.

I'm hoping the Packers lose one more game and the Cowboys win their next two before facing the Packers after the bye. The majority of people won't even realize payback happened when the Cowboys win but I will.

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