Quinn is Back so this off-season we must focus on making our D dominant

Quinn coming back is GIGANTIC!!

We will have the same scheme. The players are familiar with it. Quinn can make small tweaks, here and there, to improve it!

Our D was very good in the playoffs. With a few strong pieces, I believe our D could become TRULY DOMINANT!!!! DOMINANT Defense has won a lot of Superbowls. Possibly hire a new OC and use Dak as a true Bus Driver! No, 5 receiver sets. Don’t overly relia on Dak! Relia on the DOMINANT D!!!!!

To become DOMINANT on D( Jerry has actually done this before. He should be desperate to do it again):

1. We need another dominant DE or TWO! (see Charles Haley move) Micah will not be playing DE all the time. Maybe, Sam Williams will step up his game. He has the physical talent, but does he have the attitude, and will to win, like Micah?

2. Upgrade at DT with a HUGE run stuffer or TWO. Possibly, Joseph and Suh will be available.

3. Find the best CB possible!( see Deon Sanders move) My 1st choice would be Jalen Ramsey!

Just think about this D:

Diggs and Ramsey at CB with Bland in the slot( + great depth )

Dominant DE( to be named later ) with an improved Sam Williams and improved Armstrong. Micah gains 20 pounds and rushes from everywhere, or plays more LB and rushes selectively( many options with Micah).

Hankins, Suh, and Joseph( or 2 other big run stuffers )

This offseason we need to use every tool available to build a DOMINANT D( the draft, free agency, and trades). The moves mentioned above, still leave plenty of draft picks to upgrade in other areas.

Build the D STRONGER and don’t relia on Dak as much.

If our D was a little stronger this year, even with Dak’s bad play, we could have beat the Whiners 9-12!!!

We are not that far from a DOMINANT D if a few good moves are made!!!!!

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