Aaron Donald is the missing Piece!

We had a very good defensive draft: We picked up a big run stuffing DT, a LBer/Safety with speed and attitude and a DT/DE who should help at both positions.

We finally used Free Agency to pickup a true difference maker on defense: Gilmore is a smart and athletic, top 10 CB, who will solidify the corner spot opposite DIggs! HUGE upgrade over Brown!!

Aaron Donald, smack dab in the middle of our defense, with the other additions we have made on D, will enable OUR defense to leap frog the Forty Whiners defense and become THE DOMINANT D in the NFL. By DOMINANT, I mean less than 14 points a game.

A DOMINANT D will take so much pressure of Dak. He won’t be expected to throw the ball 40 times a game. Let the D and the running game do most of the heavy lifting. Dak can pick his spots.

Jerry, make this bold Charles Haley type move, and watch us steam roll the Whiners in the playoffs and KC in the Superbowl!!

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