A few Questions and Answers

Is it the RB’s or the blocking?

Easy! The run blocking has been mediocre to poor most of the year. More poor, than mediocre, for both Pollard and Deuce. Dowdle is a good back that runs extremely hard. Give him more opportunities on the goal line. The O lines run blocking should start to improve with guys getting healthier.

Is Steele still a liability in pass protection?

He was vs Philly but, No. Hopefully he gets healthier and better as the year goes on. Vs the Giants he did not get beat for any sacks, but could have held his blocks a little longer. He did get some help to his side at times.

Is Tyron Back?

Maybe. I know. Weak answer. The signs are there that he is back. He has played two really good games back to back! But he does hold at times, which is a little cause for concern.

Is Zack Martin Back?

Yes! Enough said.

Is Brooks best 6th receiver in the NFL?

Hel_ yes! Mark my words. Brooks will be our 3rd receiver next year. Maybe, by the end of this year!

Is Jourdan Lewis our weak link on defense?

Yes. He is a tough physical player, but in coverage he is a liability.

Can we find an upgrade for Lewis?

Yes, I think so. There are a couple options on the team now or maybe we get lucky( someone better than Lewis gets released ).

Is this defense elite?

No. Not yet. Bottom line, they give up too many points!!! They need to slow down( 14 points or less ) a good offense. They have to many lapses where the give up long drives.

Can this D be elite?

Yes! If our young guys continue to improve ESPECIALLY, Sam Williams. I have been down on him, but he is finally starting to contribute. We still need more out of him though.

Will we win our last 8 games?

It’s 50/50. We will go 7-1 or 8-0 if the weather is mild in Buffalo.

Is this team better than Philly?

Yes!! We will beat them next time, but they still might win the division because their 1 loss is to an AFC team, the Jets. They have a better chance to win the tie breaker on Conference record.

Can Dak win us to a Superbowl this year?

Definitely, if the D plays elite, especially vs the Whiners and or KC.

Thoughts? Disagreements?

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