Rebuild the team

I think the time has come for a total rebuild to take place. I know some on here want Payton, but, imo, he's right out because the Saints will want at least a 1st for him, and we can't afford that. This team needs all the 1at round picks it can get. So, I think we will need to make some tough decisions, and here are some of them:

1. Trade Trevon Diggs – I know you're all going to hate this, but we need 1st round picks, and we're not going anywhere this season. Let's face it. It's a lost season. Dak's out for a few weeks. We don't have weapons on offense, or any semblance of.blocking. So, I think we are going to seriously have to trade some top players so that we can load up on 1sts as that is the only way Jerry knows how to build a team. To start this, Diggs may have to be traded. We can get at least a first for him, and we can use that for additional online or WR.

2. Fire Kellen Moore – We need to bin him. He doesn't know how to playcall our players to their strengths. His protection schemes are awful, and his playcalling is worse.

3. Bin Philbin – he's an awful OL coach.

4. Trade DLaw – we can probably get some good picks for him, and we can use one for a new pass rusher, and we might need to get a QB. So,.using some of these picks can help us trade up for another 1st.

Essentially, I'm talking about scraping a lot of players, but we need to revamp a lot, and adding first and second round picks help. Might be an overreaction, but, if the Cowboys are serious about competing next year, then they need to make a lot of trades and moves. Rebuilding needs to happen.

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