If Sean Payton Is Not Sold On Dak The Band Aid Gets Ripped Off

MM is gone. You know it, I know it and he knows it.

Dak's injury may take Jerry off the hook this year but if he really wants to win and he wants Sean Payton, Payton is going to dictate terms to Jerry. If he's not sold on Dak, with an excellent QB class coming out next year Jerry will be forced to make a move and if he doesn't make it he will never come close to another Super Bowl in his lifetime.

Yes, I realize there are cap, contract, and no trade clauses to deal with but you know what…find a way.

There will be teams interested in Dak and if he doesn't want to be traded (not likely) we have always wanted a good backup QB and if it came to that we'd be on a rookie QB contract anyhow and the cap continually goes up so it could be managed. It would be the Romo/Dak situation with a rookie QB seven years later.

We know four things to be absolutely true.

1. Payton is only walking into a situation that he can control.

2. Payton is only walking into a situation with a QB he can win with.

3. Jerry loves Sean Payton.

4. Jerry desperately wants one more before he goes.

If Payton is sold on Dak then he gets the benefit of the doubt.

If not – everything changes and I mean everything.

Jerry did it with Parcells because he needed his stadium and now he needs Payton because the clock is ticking and the fan base is getting restless, really restless.

Jerry…is out of time.

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