My Thoughts 9.28

Have to give Moore some credit for his 2nd halF playcalling, the first half was just plain awful. Where has this play action been all yr? Where were these routes that are designed to get players open? Hopefully he sticks with this type of play calling when Dak returns.

Cooper Rush is taking what the defense gives him. He has done as good as you can hope. But let's not go over board, NY had 3 or 4 balls that could've been ints. You can see they have him on a 1 read and check down. But going with that play action in the 2nd half Def helped wrs to get open cause NY was biting on it. That's what happens when you run the ball play action works.

Tyler Smith is playing like a veteran. As much as itnpains me to say, Tyron has lost his job. And I'm sure he will retire this offseason. You see what dallast alked about when they drafted him, shows you that this team knows what it's doing. The way he was down the field 10-15 yards on pulls and down blocking is great to see and he's still a rookie. Watching him and Peters together was an insane load of power blocking for the run game.

Lamb had a night and day game. He was terrible in the first half and unstoppable in the 2nd. I have to think somebody got in his you know what at halftime.

The running game will work if Moore doesn't abandon it. And will help his passing game with the playaction as we saw in the 2nd half. Elliot will give all you want inside the tackles, and Pollard will give you the edge. You just have to use them that way.

Lawrence came alive and dominated this game until he got hurt. We went back in the game he wasn't the same. He humiliated Neal. Your 7th overall pick shouldn't be dominated like that.

Vander Esh is the weaklink in this defense. Not really his fault but he just can't be aggressive because of his neck. That's why he'll just wait for contract instead of initiating it. If rather see Barr and Cox in there. Allow Cox to get experience.

Hurts me to say this but Jourdan Lewis should be benched for Bland. Wether it's injuries or just bad play it shows.

Donovan Wilson is playing really good. He was all over the field and in the backfield getting pressures all game.

This team Definatley needs to put more emphasis on fundamentals abs figure out these penalties. Speaking about penalties is insane with 27 pressures the giants only committed 1 holding penalty.

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