My Thoughts 10.23

Dak played as good as you can expect. Didn't play preseason and hard.y played before getting hurt week one. And still he played better and showed more accuracy than Rush did at any point this season. He had some dimes that just shows the talent separation between a starter and a backup. He's going to only get better and the talent separation is only going to be seen more. So end the whole Rush thing. We saw the rpo plays just work better with a qb who can keep the dB and LB thinking of a qb run allowing Schultz to get that first down in the flat and down the seam. Yes he did some fundamentally flawed attempted throws but what qb doesn't. It just happens, but it's dak so it gets over blown in this forum.

What in the HELL is Moore trying to do? He is the worst play caller in short yardage situations in the history of the game. Dallas had just got done running it down the lions throats for a touchdown and the next drive on 3rd and 1 he runs a shotgun formation. I hate this guy. I wish the stadium would start a fire Moore chant. I seriously do. He is what's wrong with this team. Dallas could've had 250 yards rushing if this idiot would've just ran the ball until the lions showed they could stop it then he would e had the passing ga,e he wants.

Today we saw why Pollard should never be a starter. He can't run inside unless the defense is blown off the ball. He can't get the tough short yards. And this is overlooked but he cost dak a rushing td. Dak rolled outside and had only Pollard guy in front of him, if Elliot was there he would've taken his guy down into the end zone freeing up the space for dak to walk in, Pollard just sits there keeping his guy in front of dak and he goes out of bounds. It's the little things but so important. He's a great change of pace but never should start.

Noah brown killed 2 drives. One the first one that could've given dak some confidence early on the first drive. The ball was a little high but no reason he could catch that easy. 2nd the fumble which would've been a td run for the team on his fumble. He had an up and down game cause he did make some very nice catches too.

Steele I think might need a benching. It just seems like every time there's a penalty it's him. Give Peter's a start and let Steele think bout it.

What did I say earlier this week about the Def. They give up empty yards, and that insane passrush gets beat with a screen from time to time. The lber pursuit rather than the dl is what's giving up these runs. Vander esch just can't consistently find the runner. I'd like to see Clark get snaps next week.

Shame to see Lewis go down, taken out by Vander. Was Vander who came in low and hit Lewis in the knee.

The passrush again killed the offense. What can you say but wow when these guys just come in waves. 2 groups of dl who get pressure on every play. Sam Williams killed it today.

Today was a tough good win. Detroit has a bad record but they're not a bad team.

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