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If you really can’t read a thread that’s really about how much change in accountability and culture there is around this whole organization then do yourself and those who can a favor and stop reading and go read something else.

I haven’t really listened to much media or read much news on here the past couple weeks because basically they and a good portion on here don’t represent this team at all. You live in a video game thinking this games easy thinking you could do what they do. Media guys don’t report on games anymore rather just injecting their opinions as facts. Now I’ll talk about what’s been bugging me.

This constant Dak hate, set aside I’m a huge fan of his. I can see both good and bad but the good trumps the bad by far. I suggest people go watch videos of Kurt Warner on YouTube and his evaluation on Dak vs the eagles. Maybe you might find out you don’t know as much about the game you think you do. Dak is very good at reading a defense presnap and just as good as recognizing certain coverages teams hide until the ball is snapped. Yes he makes bad plays and Warner points this out but then credits Dak in recognizing the same play and rarely makes the same mistakes twice.

Since he’s been back from injury he’s lead the number 1 offense in yards and scoring. That’s with a team that was getting acclimated with a new OL, a wr group who lost 2 big contributors in the offseason, had Gallup coming back from injury. Did I mention they had 2 rookie tes to work in too? All this and he is still running the #1 offense in the nfl and can’t get any respect.

Kellen Moore, I’ll admit I can’t stand him. But, I’ll say he’s improving and he’s started to call some very good games recently. If he could just have enough restraint to call gimmick plays in big moments he would do himself alot of favors. If he allows the run game to develop there really isnt a team in the nfl who can stop them.

Jerry Jones told everybody this offseason that they would rather roll with their guys them sign them ridiculous contracts in Fa. Oh the hate he got and how much he didn’t know about football. Look who is smiling. Is he still all over the place? Yes but he and the organization has built a damn good young team. If you can’t see that then your missing a very entertaining time as a cowboy fan. Now there’s the picture of Jerry. So what if you look at him he doesn’t look hateful. The guy in the front with the cigarette looks hateful. Jerry Jones helped tyron when he was being used by his family and them trying to steal his money. He went far and being for Brent and brown when they were in that accident that killed brown. He had a 24 hr babysitting team for Dez that saved him from himself at the start of his career. People say he’s never hired a black hc. The majority of the nfl hasn’t either.

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