My Thoughts 12.20

Micah is the first player since T.O to openly say the coaching is the problem while they were players on the team. I didn’t like it then and don’t now. While it’s true you do no good saying that once they put a mic in your face. Have to be smarter.

While I can say there isn’t a older Dak fan in here than me, I been on the train since before the Sr bowl and even mocked him in the 4th to the Cowboys starting with the first mock that yr and he stayed there. But his romoesc tendencies in "I can make every play" moments are growing old. I would be totally fine if Dallas walks after his deal is done if he doesn’t already make it to the big game before current contact is up.

Kellen Moore still costing this team wins with stupid play calling sequences.

Dan Quinn seems to be either dealing with tired players or the injuries are piling up and I think is theĀ·latter. Seems teams that can block long enough to have the dl get up the field and open up the pockets in front of Dallas’ zone defense are the team killing this defense with screens and crossing routes.

These last weeks are going to do Dallas a favor in getting them healthy since they’re basically a lock for the 5 seed and most likely playing TB. So if hope they get healthy and start game planning now.

Its infuriating that Moore abandons the run for what looks like boredom. Even when it’s working. When Dallas plays run first teams just can’t hang with this team. Goes back to what Micah said.

Think Dallas thought the jags game was in the bag and the coaches went to pack it in mode. When the momentum turned jags just kept it with Moore really not know what to do. On that int in overtime, Moore called a play that kept 3 wrs bunched up their entire route that kept their s open for that type pass.

Those that think that’s on Dak have absolutely no clue bout this game.

I have no clue why DQ is abandoning the designed blitzes and going primarily with a 4 man rush. Why try to fix something that wasnt broke.

While this yr has been entertaining, it’s just weird all the way around

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