Comparing Dak and Cooper’s First Three Starts

…….Because I'm in the mood to stick a broom into a hornet's nest and wiggle it around.

I'm joking. My purpose is to demonstrate that the Cowboys are gameplanning Cooper in almost exactly the same way they did Dak when he first started and Cooper is coming up with practically the same numbers.

Here are the comparisons:

Pass attempts:

Dak 99

Cooper 102


Dak 66

Cooper 64


Dak 767

Cooper 775


Dak 4

Cooper 4


Dak 0

Cooper 1

Yards per attempt

Dak 7.7

Cooper 7.6


Dak 1

Cooper 4

QB rating:

Dak 93.3

Cooper 95.0


Dak 2-1

Cooper 3-0

My point is, instead of focusing on Dak's salary they should be looking at ways to help him win. Instead of justifying Jerry's poor management of the cap by trying to turn Dak into Rodgers or Mahomes, they should return to the times when the offense was more balanced and Dak had to take less risks.

As you can all recall, 2016 was not a bad season. So far, even under the circumstances, 2022 isn't a bad season.

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