My Thoughts 12.27

Dak played the best game of his life. Dak had the worst start he could’ve and with the sounds on the sidelines video up you can see him talking to the offense and taking full responsibility, assuring them that’s not happening again. And he went into halftime going 15 for 16. He played with the pocket awareness people here say he doesn’t have. Kurt Warner made a video on YouTube on daks game vs the eagles and its amazing just how good Dak reads the field, and how he reads the defense presnap. When Dak was drafted we heard over everything his greatest asset was his leadership, and that was spot on. Dak is 7-1 vs teams with a winning record. Tops in the nfl.

Who would’ve thought losing Vander would be a big deal, but it is. Clark is better at everything except for the thing that matters most and that’s getting off blocks.

3rd and 30, the outcome is a perfectly thrown 52 yrd first down. It’s crazy that Dak hit Hilton perfectly, nobody else had a shot at that ball. They need to really start inserting Hilton more. I know it more about him getting in football shape, and learning the system. But he needs more snap. Lining him up on the same side with lamb in the slot would be the best thing for this offense. There’s no slot cb that can cover lamb. And he’s showing that every week.

Daron Bland plays with Darrell Revis type attitude. He was always physical and liked to get at it with wrs. Once Bland gets the exp and understand tendencies Dallas might have the best cb duo in the nfl. Slay and Bradberry aren’t that much better than them right now.

Parsons showed veteran awareness beyond his experience in getting that timeout called. Guy is such a smart player. I’m starting to read things like parson sounds like a mad teenager. No he sounds like a guy who knows how to work, and isn’t afraid to call out things. You know accountability which these same people always ask for.

Elliot looks really fresh. He’s not going to break any 60 yarders but it looks like nobody wants to have to tackle him right now.

By the time this team gets to the playoffs the ol should have enough time together with tyron that they should be running full stride.

Hate him or not you have to tip your hat to Moore for his playcalling vs the eagles. And if you know me and know how much that hurts to type that.

I’ve been hearing all these excuses for the eagles in media. Not one mention that the Cowboys are inserting a guy who just came off ir at rt a spot he hasn’t played since his rookie yr. A wr who was just signed. Losing 2 of your 3 cb starters. Losing your nt, your de who gets sacks in the 2nd group. Your starting lber. Your safeties playing with injuries and sicknesses. You don’t realize how much Dallas is dealing with until you write it down. People been asking what’s wrong with the defense all you have to do is read what I just wrote.

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