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The offseason has been pure comedy for me and started even before that. And just ended with one day with the norms trashing Moore, to the next day because they heard the very same people they claim they can’t stand on espn saying Moore is a up and coming coach Yada yada, now all of the sudden they same people who 24 hrs before hated Moore, now they’re all about how they know he’s a better coach wa wa wa… Then these same fans in another thread question Parsons loyalty. So thanks for the laughs, you know who you are lol

So, Stephen has come out and said Dallas is open to extending Dak. Why? And I really mean that why? But then you have Jerry talking about they need to be drafting qbs every yr. This is why I think Jerry has never been fully behind Dak. Little subtle jabs, and goes back to his rookie yr when he wouldn’t name him starter when asked, always said Romo is the starter when he comes back. The whole contract thing, Elliot got his money early even. Even had the whole suspension issues and Jerry was right behind and in front of Elliot defending him. I have never seen or heard of moment that I felt Jerry was 100% behind Dak. Just my opinion.

So, IDK bout the whole extension. Not really smart this yr. Let him play and decide next offseason. Where if it’s not what you want you can get out next yr, or extend him.

It’s crazy just how much Lamb grew after missing that would be wide open TD. From that point on this guy was a machine. He needs help, it’s insane that he almost had 50% of the WR production. Get him a speed guy to go with Gallup and they’re back in business.

I don’t see how this yr can’t not be a offensive draft. RB, WR, TE, OL, QB all need to be addressed in this draft. And IMO, RB is the biggest need. Elliot is on his last wheel rotation and he knows it. Hence the early reports of him wanted to stay in Dallas and willing to take a pay cut. He’s one of the most entitled athletes in sports so him saying that is clear that he knows he’s bout done. And IDC how good Pollard was this yr, he’s not going to be the same player in 2023 unless he turned into Adrian Peterson. He’s going to give you the spotty play like Gallup basically. From what fisher was saying that ankle injury was nasty.

Vander Esch had a really good season, but you all talk about progress stoppers, and this is exactly what he will be if brought back. Clark played and showed alot for a guy coming off that injury. He didn’t show any physical limitations, he just looked like a very talented lber who didn’t have a training camp or preseason. He’s gonna be OK and him and Micah, wow. Talk about sideline to sideline speed.

The DL is going to look a little different this coming season, couple new faces. But I think the majority will be back, hopefully the one guy they bring back is Hankins. The more he played with this DL the better he got. The niners really struggled with him. As much as I like digi, I just don’t think he’s strong enough to do what Dallas needs him to.

Coaching is what’s held this team back for yrs. I’m not gonna say McCarthy has control, but it kinda looks like they gave it to him this offseason. You can never convince me firing Moore idea came from Jerry. He probably loved him more than he did Romo lol. Hey change is good, atleast they didn’t wait 10 yrs this time. And shut up with Moore wasn’t the problem if you’re going to start. He was a big problem, from the 21 to the 21 he was nice. Inside the 20 he was the worst play calling coach I have ever seen. He might be smart, can talk x and os with the best of them, but all I know is when Dallas has needed a big play in the playoffs his calls have been trash. So take him LA, and enjoy him.

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