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I'm going to start off with asking why are media and fans crying about the lack of moves before the trade deadline. This team told you in the offseason that these young guys the team has are coming along and are going to be really good. The OL is doing really good and they are obliterating DLs. The defense on every level is better. The TEs are really good as a core. Which actually makes the wr core less of a liability because they are all able to take advantage of lbers and s that cover them.

They did get Hankins who is everything that was advertised. He solidifies the middle of the DL. And when you watch, the middle of the DL isn't the problem. It's the DEs not staying home because they want to kill the QB. Lawrence seems to be the major culprit of this. Early downs Parsons should be inside where he could pursue the ball on them running downs because what teams are doing is just running at him and doubling him taking him out of the play. But unless you have a QB who can escape the pocket on a regular basis you aren't going to the big runs on this Def in those situations. I think they can clean up that over pursuit during this be week.

Pollard did really good, but as he even said he was wore out. He can't take a full load. Which is why they need Elliot. I don't understand the whole either or crowd. They both can kill a defense if Moore would just keep the run game in the game instead of abandoning it.

I wouldn't hate OBJ but I wouldn't cry if they didn't. What scares me is if they do Moore is just going to let go of the run and go pass happy.

Tyron is going to be back soon and I wouldn't mind if he just stayed gone. They have continuity right now and inserting him in is going to mess with that. Let this team play.

Clark and Parsons are going to wreck havoc on teams for years.

It's insane how much talent this team has on defense. And the rookie and sophomores are playing huge parts. You can't name a team that's drafted better in the last 2 yrs. Could probably go further.

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