Pass Defense not as bad as we think?

Only three QB’s have dropped 300+ yards on our defense. Stafford with 308, Lawrence with 318, and Minshew with 355. The latter two games have shown a lack of pass rush.

Taking another close look at our game against the Eagles, I see that AJ Brown this year has 1304 receiving yards and 10 TD’s while getting 16.3 yards per play; DeVonta Smith has 1014 receiving yards, 7 TD’s, and is getting almost 13 yards per play. They are probably the best one-two punch at WR we have faced all year. Smith as the #2 has more production than half the #1’s in the league. And Minshew can throw the ball. I think we knew that. Their O.C. did his job prepping for us. Giving up passing yards to those receivers is no shame (even if the poster whose name I forget says that Smith is barely average and would be our 4th WR).

In other words, sometimes you give the other team credit too. They balled on offense. But………..we still won! Did we catch a few breaks injury-wise? Sure. But the backups are in the NFL because they can play. No shame. We took their best shot and won. Period.

Go Dak, get healthy defense, and on to the playoffs! And I hope Johnson is out as rushing the right side of their line was much easier after he left the game.

We will win a playoff game this year behind Dak. Book it.

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