Have the Cowboys surpassed your expectations for the season?

Before the season begins there is usually a prediction thread. Many posters of this site predict the amount of wins the Cowboys will end up with. A vast majority are usually under 9 wins every year. So I ask:

Have the Cowboys surpassed the amount of wins you predicted?

What have they done that has surprised you this season? Is there a certain aspect of their game that has been better or worse then you thought?

If the Cowboys have surpassed your win predictions what is it that upsets and excites you?

I ask these questions because as I scroll through threads on this page I can’t help but realize that some posters are still fairly negative about the Cowboys. I understand the narrative that they haven’t won a SB in 25 years and it leaves a sour taste in your mouth. It really is frustrating I agree.

However – even after Superbowl less 25 years I would imagine predicting 8 wins and then having the team reach 11, 12 or maybe even 13 wins has to make you excited more then you were at the beginning of the season?


-A Curious Fan

Happy Holidays

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