Monday morning quarterback

1. Once again not pretty but they won and so much for the blowout that I predicted

2. Dak is turning into a turnover-making machine even though one pass was Hendershot’s fault

3. TY Hilton and Jason Peters have become great additions to the Cowboy’s rosters

4. C.D. Lamb keeps getting better every game and Dalton Schultz is pretty solid too

5. What the heck was that on Parsons’s hand it looked like a boxing glove is his hand broken

6. The Titans are really good against the run and the Cowboys went nowhere

7. Looks like Biadasz is done but I liked how McGovern did getting the ball back to Dak in the shotgun

8. Why isn’t Money Maher in the Pro Bowl this guy leads the league in points scored

9. The Cowboys really missed Pollard last night but it was better to rest him

10. And speaking about resting players, the Cowboys should pull a Tennessee Titans next week against the Redteam and sit everyone because too many guys ended up staying on the ground last night

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