Monday morning quarterback

1. Man these Cowboys really know how to choke huh, another blown lead that led to yet another disaster

2. I really hope Kellen Moore finds another coaching job because he just locks up when calling plays

3. How do you blow that game with the ball with the lead with 1:32 left on the clock

4. 34 points scored, a 17 point lead, forced 3 turnovers, only 4 penalties and you still lose HOW?

5. CD Lamb played well and so did Noah Brown, well until the end anyway

6. Kelvin Joseph was an easy target and found his way right to the bench and most likely will stay there

7. I’m losing confidence in this defense ONE sack and none last week come on guys

8. Speaking of losing confidence, every time Dak gets pressured I see something bad happening

9. Back to back bad games against two bad teams doesn’t look good going into next week

10. Even after yesterday’s loss the Cowboys are in the playoffs now so maybe they can relax when they play the Eagles next week but the Cowboys really need to get their manure together

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