The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and Next Week

-The Good

* Anytime you beat Bill Belichick by 35 that’s awesome

* I think the defense might have been a little pissed off from last week

* The Cowboys offense can move the ball

* Great fake on the xpoint

* Very smart move to go after the rookie corner after Gonzales went out

* Yup Bland is a bad dude and what a replacement for Diggs

-The Bad

* I don’t like the calls McCarthy is making on short yardage

* Once again too many field goals

* Too many players are getting nicked up like Parsons and Martin

* The Cowboys didn’t record a sack until late in the game

-The Ugly

* The obvious, man the Red zone issues really worry me especially when it comes to short yardage

-Next Week

* Ok here we go now the season gets really interesting as the Cowboys go to San Francisco to play the 49ers

so now we’ll get to see what the Cowboys are really made of because up till now the Cowboy’s schedule has been easy

but not anymore, if they can go into San Fran and beat the Niners then we’ll know that they are for real.

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