Monday morning quarterback

1. One bad throw but the reason why the Cowboys won was because of Prescott so give him credit.

2. Down by 10 twice and to come back and win shows me that the Cowboys won’t quit.

3. Kellen Moore is a moron, a fade route into the only part of the field where the sun is in your eyes IDIOT!

4. CD Lamb is making us forget all about Amari Cooper.

5. 6 sacks given up and very few rush yards, yes I’m concerned about this O-line.

6. And the D-line isn’t much better, zero sacks once again and Micah Parsons has gone invisible.

7. 3rd and 30 no problem just chuck it to Hilton, talk about a debut he’ll be the reason they cut Washington.

8. Daron Bland with a huge pick and the defense gets 4 turnovers, those made up for the zero sacks.

9. Tyler Biadasz with one of the greatest fumble recoveries ever, if he doesn’t get it game over.

10. With two games left I would really like to see the Cowboys rest some guys because you need to go into the playoffs as healthy as possible

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