Natural Grass vs Artificial Turf

I’m of the opinion that the Cowboys play better on artificial turf. It is kind of understandable considering AT&T stadium, and their practice field. Their highest scoring games occurred on turf:

54pts vs the Colts

49pts vs the Bears

40pts vs Vikes

40pts vs Eagles

On grass, there were mixtures of offensive duds and/or defensive struggles:

3pts vs Bucs

34pts vs Jax should have been enough for W, but gave up 40pts

28pts vs Packers should have been enough, but gave up 17pts in 4th/OT

So last night’s "close" game vs Titans should not have been a surprise. Mike Vrabel is a good defensive coach who’s teams are physical like Belicheck’s Patriot teams.

The last game of the season is also on natural grass vs. Commanders. This is another good test for the Cowboys. Why? The Cowboys will find themselves on the road during the playoffs vs. teams who play on natural grass (Tampa, Eagles, or even the Panthers(?)). Their great equalizer to Dallas potent offense? Natural grass.

Cowboys are a whopping 11-1 on artificial turf this year. Understandable because AT&T, The Star, and even Dak’s private practice field at his home all have artificial turf surfaces.

On the other hand, the Cowboys are 1-3 on natural grass:

Cowboys need to learn how to be successful on both sides of the ball on natural grass. On turf, they can be world beaters. On grass? Not so much. Good tune up for the playoffs vs natural grass teams. Titans were physical and the Commanders are a rival, fighting for a playoff spot.

Cowboys should be readier this year than last year for the playoffs, health permitting.


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