Jason Peters is a Stud

The guy is 40 years old, helping the team by being a leader to the young guy, obviously. But when he's in the game, he's still an above average player at 40, although I suspect many won't be able to see this.

When Tyler moved to LG, and Peters went to LT, Dak had such a clean pocket on those plays. And Tyler Smith had a beast of a game today.

I would like to see Peters stay in football shape this offseason and come back again next year. I believe he can still play another year, possibly even two more years.

As someone in my 40s myself, who also stays in pretty shape for my age (still run a 4.6 at 46), I have a lot of respect for someone who can play that well at the NFL level at 40 without much, if any, decline.

On top of that, the fact he's so humble and dedicated to this team right now make me really want to see him as a head coach when he retires.

I feel like he's under-appreciated for the value he brings to the team.

Michael Gallup is still my favorite player on the team. But I'd say Peters is a close 2nd…

Really liked this pickup when it happened. And I'm like McDonald's right now, still lovin' it.

Can't wait to see what happens when Tyron enters the picture.

Lastly, anyone doubting whether Tyler Smith can make a seamless transition to flex at LG full-time isn't paying attention.

Guy is a pro bowler, if he's playing LG.

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