Contract Aside, doesn’t it Make More Sense for Zeke to Come After Pollard?

With everyone talking about Pollard getting more carries and being more involved, doesn't it make more sense for Zeke to come in after Pollard?

Why not use Pollard to wear teams down before we smash them with Zeke's fresh legs? Flip the script a little. In the past, we've brought in Pollard for clean up duty. I would like to see Zeke come in after Pollard has had 10-12 carries. Or specifically in the redzone.

This doesn't have to be all the time.

But given that both of our backs can legitimately start for us, I don't see why it's necessary to always start with Zeke.

I'm sure there are a few times they've started the game with Pollard, but I'm talking about getting momentum going for several series and then bringing in Zeke. I think it makes more sense to roll with Zeke inside the redzone as well, since he's a more powerful back.

Does anyone else think we should change the strategy and stop thinking along such traditional lines?

I get what they're trying to do, but I just think Zeke would be harder to handle if he came in on fresh legs. I think we'd see his YPC average rise, while Pollard's would likely decrease. But overall, I think this strategy would work better against some teams.

Also, not knowing who we'll start makes us slightly more difficult to prepare for, so this could change from week-to-week.

I'm a big Kellen Moore fan, and I know it's not all in his control, but I would like to see him push for this approach for some games.

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