Thoughts about last’s night solid win!


-Arguably Cee Dee's best game as a Cowboy. Tremendous in the open field and made a heads up play to score the first TD of the game.

-Thought ground attack was effective, although it really didn't hit until the 2nd half.

-Peters play at LT and Tyler inside suggests Tyron is returning and Peters working as the swing Tackle.

-Cowboys receivers continue to allow easy interceptions. Any QB will be off target at times, if you cannot catch it, make sure the other team doesn't as well.

-Shultz was lucky they couldn't challenge that early fumble and needs to make that TD catch. Bad penalty by Ferguson that stopped the 1st drive in the 2nd half at the 50.


-Giving up just 80 yards to Jonathan Taylor was a big accomplishment. Run defense still is very shaky at times, by definitely has gotten better since Green Bay.

-Surprisingly the Cowboys couldn't get much of a pass rush without the blitz last night, perhaps Ryan was getting rid of the ball too quickly.

-Anthony Brown once again got beaten deep. Before the injury, I thought he needed to get benched. Sucks to lose him for the year, as it hurts our depth, but we need to see what Joseph can do. Gave up a TD, but looked better attacking the football then Brown. Diggs also had a terrible play that led to the Colts 1st TD.

-It took Hooker to play his former team to have his breakout game with the Cowboys. His interception was the key play that turned around the game.

-Both Lve and Clark made huge plays, Lve made a great tackle in space against Taylor, Clark caused that fumble in the 4th qtr.

Special Teams

-Perhaps their worse performance of the yr. Gave up long kickoff returns, had an extra point blocked.

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