Sam Williams Backing up Parsons?

Is that why we’ve seen less of Sam Williams? is he learning Parsons role any? I would like to see them use Sam off the edge and Parsons up the middle from the LB position at times. I know Parsons knows how to get to the QB. But it shouldn’t matter from where. Personally, I would also be giving Sam some reps at LB. I want to see him get in there and get coached up playing LB and DL.

Like if Sam wants to play, why isn’t he out there with the LBers? Saying, coach, put me in at the outside LB or if he’s just a defensive lineman, you can still move him around on the field. We’ve seen him light it up one game. Do they think that giving him too many reps early on will make him take it for granted? Or is he really not ready to play? Anyway, again, I totally see it with his athleticism, I just want to see him get it done on the field. He’s on the same level as Parsons, almost, as far as being athletically gifted. A tad bit bigger, but a tenth and change slower, which he could close the gap on if he worked purely on speed. So, I see the talent. I just want to see him play up to his potential, and not let it get to his head.

That said, I also think you need a back up for Parsons, Heaven forbid.

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