Does Sam Williams Factor Into the Competition for the 5th LB Roster Battle?

If you're following the Cowboys at this point in the season, then you probably know we're a little light at linebacker.

Or at least everyone complains we're a little light, even after the draft.

And Cowboy fans are generally smart, so I see why they think that, on paper, at least.

Then the 2022 NFL draft came along, and we drafted Sam Williams.

Not all, but many seem to naturally assume that Williams will only play on the defensive line, although most realize he will likely move around on the defensive line, maybe play some RDE, LDE and DT, as opposed to only rushing the EDGE from the left side full-time. He's definitely capable of being this type of player.

Taking Williams position flex and natural athleticism, instincts and athleticism a step further, I believe Dan Quinn actually plans on utilizing Williams as a linebacker, very similar to how we utilize Parsons.

This move was pretty key for filling out our roster spot. We not only got an edge rusher to replace Gregory (notice I didn't guarantee he'll replace Gregory's production), we also got an edge rusher who, like Parsons, is also capable enough to play several positions within the front seven.

Right now we have Parsons, Vander Esch, Cox and Gifford. So people are pulling for guys like Aaron Hansford and Storey Jackson to make the roster. No doubt, one of them may make the roster. We've left enough space open. But we also have Devin Harper [theoretically] behind Gifford.

It's interesting to ponder when we start trying to whittle down that final roster, man for man. Players who you really want to make the team just can't most of the time because those slots usually only come open from luck, and the player has to rise to the occasion.

In any case, my argument is that the final LB roster dilemma is not best solved with a well-known veteran on the market, like Dan Quinn for instance, the answer for our specific need here was addressed in the draft.

The Williams pick was killing two birds with one stone. He's not competing with Parsons, per se, but I won't be surprised if Williams spends about half the reps that Parsons gets at LB also playing LB.

I know some will say Williams is not ready for LB, and needs to improve stopping the run. But I think he does that the minute he steps on the field with Quinn.

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