Let’s Look at Things Rationally

Thread 2 for the night

Yes, the loss hurt tonight. Trust me, I've been a fan since either the 1999 or 2000 season. I've yet to see success with this franchise. I know it's demoralising to lose the way that we did today. However, let's take a moment to look at this rationally. Ok?

  • Green Bay – Green Bay is a team that was desperate for a win. With Minnesota winning as they have been and a favourable schedule for the rest of the season when they finish with us, Green Bay likely was aware coming into this game that their chances of winning their division is slipping away. Furthermore, their chances at a wildcard aren't great either. So, we were taking on a team who was playing desperately for a win. They played great, and they always play us at their best. So, if we thought we were going to get an easy win coming into today, then that's a massive error. Especially given our less than stellar record as a franchise in that stadium.
  • Our Record – We are 6-3. Yes, our division is difficult, but we are 6-3. Considering that we had a backup QB playing for 4 games and how we thought this season would go after the Bucs game, it's an impressive record. We should be in position for at least a playoff spot.
  • The Division – the division was going to be hard to win as it was. We are likely getting a wildcard spot, and I don't think the outcome of today's game was reasonably going to change that outcome.
  • The remaining schedule – after the Vikings game, our remaining schedule is the following: Giants (Thanksgiving), Colts, @ Jacksonville, Houston, Philly, @ Tennessee, and @ Washington. So, let's assume we lose the Vikings game, that's a favourable schedule afterwards. I think, after the Vikings game, I could see us going 4-3 or even 5-2 down the stretch (unsure how we will do with the Giants). Let's say we go 4-4 for the rest of the season. That means that we would finish the regular season 10-7. Given that 7 NFC Teams make the playoffs, that should net us a playoff spot. That's in likely the worst case scenario. So, I think, at worst, we finish the season 10-7 with a playoff spot. Coincidentally, I think that's about where a lot of optimistic predictions had this team funny enough. So, all in all, things aren't horrible for the Cowboys. Are they ideal? No. But we should be able to get a playoff spot.

In conclusion, as painful as it is to lose to a team we don't like such as Green Bay in the way that we did, the season isn't lost. We played a team that was desperate for a win and caught us on a bad day. However, in the worst rational scenario that I can see, I think that we should finish as a 10 win team minimum. This should get us a playoff spot. From there, anything can happen. Hopefully the team will get back to work tomorrow to learn from what happened, and they can sort out some solutions to our weaknesses such as our run defence and get back to winning ways.

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