Why Cedee Lamb is good but not great…yet

Cedee Lamb is a very good NFL wide receiver. I’m glad he’s a Cowboy and I look forward to seeing him continue to improve. But….he’s not yet the elite receiver he was drafted to be. He’s been good, just not great. Again, at least not yet.

Below are the reasons why in my opinion Cedee Lamb has not yet cracked the list of elite receivers. I would rank him perhaps top 20 but nowhere near the top 10.

  • Finished 21st in receptions in 2021 with 79 receptions.
  • Finished 16th in yards in 2021 with 1,102 yds.
  • Finished 35th in TD receptions in 2021 with 6.
  • Had a streak of 17 straight games without 100 yards or more in a game. (Had his first 100 yd game since last Oct last Sunday vs Pack)
  • Went 9 straight games without a TD reception from 2021-22.
  • His rookie season of 2020, he definitely had a good year- 74 receptions for 935 yds and 5 TDs. That’s very good for a rookie, but he finished 27th in receptions and 22nd in yards, 32nd in TDs.
  • Has had a problem with drops in his first two years although it’s gotten better of late.
  • Is known to be a lazy route runner who doesn’t make route adjustments crisply.
  • Is excellent with yards after catch- finished top 5 last year.
  • Doesn’t possess great speed but is very quick.

Bottom line for me- Lamb is a really good receiver. He’s at best a low end #1 or high end #2 receiver. But the above makes it clear to me, he’s not “elite”. Maybe he can develop more in several areas and become elite.

I’m hoping he continues to work hard to improve his game. He’s still only 24. I’m not knocking the guy but just being honest about what kind of receiver he is at this point. Good but not great.

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