Whatever happened to the Wildcatter of the old days?

Jerry Jones bragged for years that one of the advantages of him being both owner AND General Manager was he could save time not having a middle man. He could act quickly and decisively without getting bogged down by having someone else making decisions. He was aggressive.

In the early days of JJs ownership he took chances. Some worked some didn’t. But he was almost always aggressive to obtain players that could give us a chance to win. Certainly Jimmy Johnson in the early days deserves the lions share of credit for most of those early moves. But Jerry was agreeable when some owners wouldn’t have.

Not all of his aggressive moves worked. But many did- like the Herschel Walker trade, the Charles Haley acquisition, signing Deion Sanders as a free agent, the trade for Amari Cooper to name a few. But there were also the bad WR trades for Joey Galloway and Roy Williams. There were several bad FA signings. The trade up to get Mo Claiborne.

But here’s my question- What happened to the wildcatter? When was the last time JJ and his FO took a big chance in a bold roster move? Apparently, Stephen Jones sees the salary cap as a wall while GMs like Les Snead of the rams, Jason Licht of the Bucs or Brett Veach of the chiefs- they all see the cap as a speed bump. They make aggressive moves. Stephen tells why we can’t.

SJ has turned Jerry from being a wildcatter oil man taking football chances to a billionaire tycoon who’s more interested in playing with his toy and counting his money than doing whatever it takes to win. We keep watching other teams make aggressive roster moves while Stephen reminds us of the cap.

What ever happened to the old wildcatter?

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