This team has a totally new blueprint to win

I always say at the beginning of each new season that it takes 4-6 games- sometimes more- for a football team to develop an identity, to learn how to work together to get wins, etc. Opening day, most of us watch our favorite team and project the entire season on that. That’s short-sided.

Having said that, we’re only two games into this season but I already believe this is a totally different team than those of the recent past. How you ask? This is no longer an offense centered team. This team’s best talent is clearly on the defensive side of the ball. And that should change how this team approaches game plans. Micah Parsons is not only the best player on this team, he is the centerpiece of the team’s potential.

So…what does this mean moving forward?

  • The Cowboys defense is the best hope we have to win. Maybe the offense can improve slowly as the season progresses. But early on this season, winning closer, low scoring games may have to be the blueprint.
  • The Cowboys should realize they will be in almost every game this year if it’s not a shoot-out. The bengals game score of 20-17 is probably a script for how this team can win right now.
  • Maybe by November the offense can catch up. But right now it’s the defense that must carry this team.


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