How about a “little hustle” from this front office?

As the trade deadline nears for this 4-2 team, It’s time to for this front office to prove it is serious about winning NOW…this year.

Sure Jerry and the FO rightly deserve some credit for the off-season moves this year of acquiring Stephon Gilmore and Brandin Cooks. I appreciated the effort to make this team better. There’s enough talent here to make some noise this year with some more tweaking. Why wouldn’t you as a FO push more chips into the center of the table?

But as the trade deadline looms and Jerry and Stephen apparently are content to stand pat with a 4-2 team that has some obvious flaws, he also deserves criticism for his on-going practice of worrying more about the future “relevance” and cap issues than he’s worried about winning NOW. Meanwhile the GMs across the league who are held accountable for results NOW are running circles around the Jones cartel in efforts to get better.

Not all moves work, but we’ve seen this team tread water around making the playoffs but fail to have the moxy to move on past a wild card round win. Why wouldn’t we take some chances to try and get better? Why do we continue to hear this stuff about the future cap space? Or “relevance”? What could be more relevant than more playoff wins this year?

I would appreciate some hustle from this FO even if it failed. At least that’s better than listening to “Giggles” Jones lecture us again about cap limits while the better GMs who are accountable for results to keep their jobs say “hold my beer” and make moves.

Hey front office- how about a little hustle?

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