Whose Draft Board do you Trust? McClay’s, the Talking Heads, or Yours?

The annual screaming based on who we just drafted is nothing new. When we as fans don’t see our pet cat coming to Big D after the draft, the disappointment oozes on this forum. (I was hoping we would land Zach Charbonnet for example) Last night’s response to the Cowboys 2nd and 3rd round picks was typical of us as fans- judging our picks based on our own analysis or some other “expert” at ESPN, etc.

But serious question here: Whose draft board are you going to trust? Will McClay’s, Mel Kiper’s…or yours? Give me Will McClay every time.

Truth is, all the pre-draft hype of individual players by the media talking heads is not always close to what the real scouts think about those same players. The last 25 years of “Mel Kiper‘s Greatest Hits” must also include the incredible amount of misjudging of talent he and guys like Todd McShay and other draft gurus so often make.

So if the Cowboys followed their own draft board as they have in recent years, we should wait before declaring this draft a dud. It always takes 2-3 years to judge a draft anyway. IMO, this front office did a good enough job leading up to the draft, they could do exactly what they should do- follow Will McClay’s board.

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