Do we lead the league in Blocked Punts?

I dunno what it is about Bones; special teams unit that consistently comes up with Block Punts, more than any special teams unit than i can remember in Cowboys history. .

Not even since late Joe Avezzano, have i've experienced this.

I wonder if Bones unit actually leads the league in blocked punts the last couple of years.

– What is he doing in formation and scheme that makes that unit so successful ?

And it doesn’t matter about the players Armstrong. Gifford, Clements, etc. etc.

– Bones unit simply gets blocked Punts !

If an Armstrong comes up with a blocked FG, that’s just extra mustard to the recipe. (last FG blocked was 2015, I believe ?)

Bones has made a huge difference

kudos for the FG kicking situation with Brett Maurer, Turpin, (hope the new long snapper works out ) Anger has surprising two bad punts but i trust him to get back on track,

BTW, kelvin Joseph is showing up on punt coverages,

I believe we have the best Special teams in the NFL.

Being this is Bones' last contract year, I would really like to see Cowboys re-sign and retain Bones Fassel, as he is now,.as special teams coach.

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