And then there were 6

After merely 5 weeks of play, there are only 6 teams remaining in the NFL with 1 or fewer losses:

5-0 Philadelphia Eagles

4-1 Buffalo Bills

4-1 Minnesota Vikings

3-1 Kansas City Chiefs

4-1 Dallas Cowboys

4-1 New York Giants

Of these 6 teams, only 2 of them were expected to be this good, this early in the season – Buffalo and Kansas City. The other 4 are all NFC teams that are playing better than expected. Even Philadelphia, who many expected to rise to the top of the NFC East this season, wasn’t expected to be undefeated 5 games into the season. The catch for the Eagles is that they still haven’t played either of the two teams nipping at their heels in the NFC east.

Next Sunday night will be a good test for both the Eagles and Cowboys. But neither can write off the Giants, who finally have a coach who knows how to put his players in situations where they can win.

The good news for the Cowboys is even if they lose Sunday, their offense is slated to get even better when 4 injured Cowboys offensive players return from injury – QB Dak Prescott, HOF LT Tyron Smith, HOF Olineman Jason Peters, and WR James Washington. If the Cowboys can return to their league leading offensive production from just a season ago, this team might become just as frightening in the NFC and the Bills team is in the AFC. Could a 3rd Super Bowl between the Cowboys and Bills be in the offing?

P.S. And even the Cowboys Defense, as good as it already is, could become even faster with the addition of speedy and talented rookie LB Damone Clark.

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