Front office moves have been a nice change

Wether you spend most of your time criticizing the FO or defending them you have to welcome this offseason. I’ve agreed with what they’ve done because they had a plan to get money and filled needs with exp allowing them to draft smart instead of for need.

Cooks was a good safe move. He’s not going to make waves, just do his job. The same with Gilmore, the best part of these trades were both share their knowledge with the young guys. We saw this last yr with Hankins, the DL interior improved.

I know some will still find something to complain about, even I have those thoughts. Like while Cooks is a nice add, I’d have liked Hopkins or Evans if either could’ve been had. I do think I’m happy with Cooks over OBJ tho. Get a feeling OBJ is gonna be a headache for somebody.

So whichever side of the fence youre on, seeing them with a plan on what they wanted to do and executing it early instead of dragging it out like they do every other offseason until this yr has to be a welcomed sight. They got it done and they’ve had this much more time to know what exactly they need and who they need to look at and focus on.

Even this whole Tackle situation, wether you agree with it or not. You have to like that they are set with what they’re going to do and have simply LG to deal with. I’ll say it now lock it in for a G at 26. And the way they draft OL especially in round 1 lock him in already at LG for the next decade.

And wether you don’t agree with SJ saying they’re basically good at DT with expected Hankins and Watkins. Again atleast they had a plan, this is the biggest dislike for me. Me personally ithink with what this DL did to the niners running game influenced this decision. Dallas basically shut it down, Dallas shut McCaffery down, but the bigger shut down for me was deebo. They held him to a 2.8 ypc.

So wether you agree with what they’ve done or not, the plan execution has been very good.

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