This is the year

Even before the draft, I believe this is the year the Cowboys reach at least the NFC Championship game. The defense was already good and we resigned both Wilson and LVE and added Gilmore. Bland is going to be even better with another year under his belt. They‘ll probably add some help in the the draft. The offense is going to be better with Cooks and the release of Zeke. Loved Zeke, but he was a progress stopper and it was time for him to go. Hell, a 6th round RB could probably out produce Zeke sad to say. The only receiver the Cowboys had in 2022 was CeeDee and he was great. But there was no one else. Gallup was mentally hobbled coming off injury. Noah Brown? Give me a break. Shultz was solid but there are better TE’s to be had. The passing game suffered from only having 1 legitimate WR. The rest could not consistently get open.

But the BIGGEST reason I believe this is the year is MM. He finally jettisoned the anchor in KM. Moore is a young coach who was trying to build his resume. And he did so at the expense of the team. I’m sure he thought that having an explosive offense would help the team reach the SB. But it didn’t pan out that way because ball control in the NFL is more important than scoring 30 every game.

The Cowboys have finished 12-5 the last 2 years. Despite all the haters here, this team is on the cusp. You can hate on Dak, but he’s not the issue. When you only have 1 WR you’re going to struggle. When you don’t have a running game you’re going to struggle. When you’re defense can’t stop the run you’re going to struggle.

So like every year, yes every year, I predict this is the year for the Cowboys. Even before the draft I feel they’ve done enough. So you haters go ahead and crap on this thread. I’ll see you in January 2024.

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