Cowboys 2022 season meeting expectations

I know everyone is disappointed in how we have played in recent weeks . But I believe this season has met most expectations heading into year.

And why just making the playoffs in consecutive seasons for the first time since 2006-07 could be the achievement especially considering most felt this was more of a retooling year after making some tough Cap moves lessening the talent pool on a roster that won the division last year.

Most sound analysts and fans felt winning 10 games and vying for a playoff spot was a reasonable goal. That our success in 2022 pended on our defense improving since our offense could have been lessened with Cap moves.

Who thought after losing Prescott to injury in opener our season had a shot at doing much. But here we are. Looks like we will have met the expectations.

And while we haven’t won a road playoff game since 1992 season I think most feel we have a reasonable opportunity since we could most likely be facing a losing record team from the South division in which we could possibly be favored.

I think we could argue 2022 given the expectations coming in which appear to be fairly accurate and how it has unfolded could be considered moving in the right direction. It could raise expectations even higher for 2023 seeking our 3rd consecutive playoff season for the first time since our 90’s run.

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